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         Beijing Spring (2021)

         AC Films producer

          Directed and written by Andy Cohen

          Co-Directed and written by Gaylen Ross

FIFA Montreal

Jury Award Winner



Best International Documentary

Lonely Wolf


Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Editing, Archival Usage & Assembly

Lonely Wolf


Best Feature Documentary 

Austin International Art Festival

Best Feature Documentary 

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Hidden 16mm Film Footage Revealed for the First Time after 40 Years


After the police forcefully shut down the Stars confrontational art show hung on a park fence, and arrest activist Wei Jingsheng for posting an essay on Democracy Wall, thousands of citizens take to the streets near Tiananmen Square, marching in protest and demanding the right to free speech—the first such demonstration since the Communists seized power. The authorities, provoked and threatened by the foreign media attention, close Democracy Wall, imprison another editor Xu Wenli for over 15 years, and force most of the Stars group (including a young Ai Weiwei) into exile. Recording it all is a daring young filmmaker named Chi Xiaoning. Hidden for decades, footage from these daring acts of rebellion are now featured in Beijing Spring for the first time ever.

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FilmHaus 2024

FIFDH / Geneva, CH / 2021

M+ Cinema Disrupted program / Hong Kong / 2021

Le FIFA / Montreal, CA / 2021 - Jury Award winner

Censurados Film Festival / Lima, PE / 2021

EPOS International Art Film Festival / Tel Aviv, IL / 2021

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival / Tokyo, JP / 2021

Heartland International Film Festival/ Indianapolis / 2021

Awareness Festival / Los Angeles/ 2021

Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival / Los Angeles / 2021

Festival Internacional Cinema e Transcendencia / Brasilia / 2021

Dart / Barcelona / 2021 - Best International Documentary Award

Beirut Art Film Festival / Beirut / 2021

Lo Schermo dell’Arte / Florence /2021

St-Louis International Film festival / St-Louis/ 2021

Leeds International Film Festival / Leeds /2021

Aesthetica Films Festival / York /2021

Festival des Libertés / Brussels /2021

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