Beijing Spring (2020)

         AC Films producer

          Directed and written by Andy Cohen

          Co-Directed and written by Gaylen Ross

Beijing Spring will be premiered at FIFDH in Geneva on March 13th 2020. More information on:

Beijing Spring will also be presented at The International Festival of Film on Art in Montreal. 

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Beijing Spring chronicles China’s forgotten struggle for freedom of expression after the death of Mao Zedong in the late 1970’s. The “Stars” artist group and Democracy Wall activists (including Wei Jingsheng, Xu Wenli and a young Ai Weiwei) dared to voice individual ideas and show radical artworks until the government cracked down on this brief moment of reform.

Shown through newly discovered 16mm footage hidden from authorities for 35 years, this officially censored history is now revealed by those who lived it — the painters, sculptors, poets, photographers and the democracy leaders — some imprisoned for two decades.

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