March 2020

«Beijing Spring», témoignage inédit d’une expérience démocratique

"Fin des années 70 à Pékin. Dans un éphémère espace de liberté, artistes et activistes (dont Wei Jingsheng, Xu Wenli et le jeune Ai Weiwei) se retrouvent autour du Mur de la démocratie, le réalisateur américain Andy Cohen retrace cette histoire inconnue."

Sophie Woeldgen



December 8, 2019

HRFF Premiere: Ximei

“she fights to raise awareness about the crisis and build a community with other victims. Shot over seven years, Ximei exposes a shocking history and the state oppression that Ximei continues to fight today”


JAYU Charity


November 28, 2019

‘Ximei’ Review: An AIDS Activist Fights Medical Injustice in China

“It does pay its subjects the ultimate courtesy, treating them as officials have not: as fully rounded human beings."

Ben Kenigsberg

The New York Times


October 25, 2019

Review: ‘Ximei’ chronicles a Chinese woman’s fight for AIDS victims

“No wonder China was so concerned about the production of Ximei; the documentary shines a light on the government’s shameful treatment of its citizens with AIDS ...But this isn’t simply a damning indictment of the nation; it is a hopeful celebration of one woman’s activism and kindness in the face of her own struggle with AIDS."

Kimber Myers

Los Angeles Times


March 2019

XIMEI: Une lucarne poignante sur le scandale du sang contaminé et le stigmate du VIH en Chine

“Aujourd’hui, ce film traite d’un sujet plus que jamais actuel: près de 30 ans après la première épidémie, le sida continue de nécroser la Chine. En témoigne le scandale qui a éclaté en février 2019 sur les 12’000 poches de sang infectées et qui ont dû être retirées de la circulation par les hôpitaux.”

Julia Jeanloz



March 2020

Andy Cohen on his film Beijing Spring

Filmmaker Andy Cohen spoke to Katt about his new film Beijing Spring. The film uses never before seen footage hidden from the authorities for 35 years and chronicles China's first democracy movement.

Katt Cullen

World Radio Switzerland


November 29, 2019

Stay Home: Ai Weiwei Document’s Ximei’s Life & Activism

«[…] Cohen & Ross’s Ximei (executive produced by Ai Weiwei) is very highly recommended as a profile in courage and an indictment of the CCP’s callous contempt for human life.»

Joe Bendel

j.b. spins


October 30, 2019

One woman’s AIDS activism rattles the People’s Republic in “Ximei”

"If the Chinese government isn’t careful, the world will give Liu Ximei the Nobel Peace Prize."

Movie Nation


September 2, 2019

China and the Golden Veins of Henan: A film-maker’s view documentary premieres at Geneva Human Rights Film Festival

“In the end, Ximei brings her patients a measure of dignity and humanity. By holding the authorities’ feet to the fire,speaking out against unfair treatment, the existence of every individual is validated.”

The Editors

Global Geneva


March 28, 2019

La Via della Seta ha un baco, i diritti umani

« Lo Stato cinese ha permesso che il virus dell'Aids si impossessasse del corpo di Ximei, una bambina di circa 10 anni della provincia rurale di Henan che, a causa di un intervento chirurgico, ha avuto bisogno di sangue, ma le hanno iniettato quello infetto. »

Claudia Miccichè

Huffington Post


December 2019

Ximei : An affecting portrait of a fierce social justice fighter

“Ximei, directed with a combination of in-the-moment grit and great sensitivity by Andrew Cohen and Gaylen Ross, follows this no-nonsense justice warrior through her often mundane days”

Micah Bucey

Spiritual Practice


November 28, 2019

Film Review: A Hero Comes Alive in AIDS Documentary “Ximei”

“Ximei focuses on one brave woman who is redefining the cultural perception of the (AIDS/HIV) condition.[…]The documentary develops a rare empathy for them (the subjects) that manages to seep off the screen.”

Hannah Tran

Film Festival Today


October 27, 2019

Ximei (2019) Film Review

“The film looks rough and sometimes footage has been recorded on phones or filmed at odd angles on cameras hastily concealed, but this gives it a certain authority”

Jennie Kermode

Eye For Film

April 28, 2019

Ximei, la activista que desafía al gigante

“ Se llama Ximei y padece sida. En una zona rural china le transfundieron sangre contaminada con VIH. A partir de entonces se ha dedicado a decirle al mundo que en las áreas rurales de su país hay cientos de miles de personas que sufren lo mismo que ella y no cuentan con clínicas, medicamentos ni los tratamientos que requieren… una denuncia que a Beijing le irrita…”

Gabriela Sotomayor



March 19, 2019

Ximei documentary premieres at Geneva Human Rights Film Festival

“Amongst the highlights of this edition of the festival is the world premiere of the documentary film _Ximei,_ which is about an AIDS-infected peasant woman from rural China's Henan Province. Lui Ximei got AIDS infected in the late 1990s, when the Chinese government encouraged poor villagers to sell their blood plasma.”

Wolfgang Spindler


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